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This project is centred around the female perspective, where 20th century female composers take the floor. Each composer has a common interest in focusing their music on a particular instrument. Decruck and Gotkvosky focus their attention on the saxophone and
Becewicz on string instruments.

Furthermore, the composer Nadia Boulanger whom, thanks to her teaching skills, was referred to as “the composition’s professor par excellence”, was a figure who influenced all three composers.

Fernande Decruck and Ida Gotkovsky, both french, have enriched the saxophone’s repertoire thanks to the collaboration with important names in this instrument’s world, such as Marcel Mule and Daniel Defayette respectively. “Variations saxophoniques pour quatuor
de saxophone” and “Quatuor” are a clear examples of how both composers explore the lyrical and technical qualities of the saxophone.


Comparably, Grazyna Bacewicz, was one of the first female polish composers whom was nationally and internationally recognised. Aside from being a composer, Bacewicz was also a violinist and by virtue of her knowledge of the instrument her quartets are both impressive and comfortable to play.

Fernande Decruck

Variations saxophoniques pour quatuor de saxophones


Grazyna Bacewicz

Quatuor à cordes n° 4

(arrangement by Raphaël Jousse)


Ida Gotkovsky


Ahots bat norberarena

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