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The Rhapsodix Ensemble was born out of the friendship between ten saxophonists from the Toulouse Regional Conservatory, and their common passion for chamber music and transcription, which they discovered together at the conservatory. The ensemble is now open to international audiences: CNSMDP, CRR of Toulouse, Royal Conservatory of Brussels, Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel, Haute Ecole de Genève.
The Rhapsodix ensemble has already performed on several occasions at festivals and artistic events in  Occitanie (France), and regularly meets to put together programmes during monthly residencies.

 With numerous concerts in its native region, Occitanie, the ensemble wishes to extend its activity and its reach in France and internationally.

Rhapsodix proposes itself as an exploration, a journey in search of the different facets of the saxophone, pushing its research from the subtle sopranino to the deep power of the bass. Driven by a constantly renewed curiosity, the group intends to combine high standards and pleasure in a daring formula.

Like the plurality present in its very name, Rhapsodix mixes diverse influences, united around the same passion for chamber music. This original ensemble takes advantage of the hybridity of the saxophone through a varied and free repertoire: the ensemble traces a vast structuring arc, bringing together "classical", contemporary and popular music. The majority of its musical programme is made up of customised transcriptions, ranging from major works of the symphonic repertoire to arrangements of contemporary music and film music.

​​Pierre Faget

Sopranino sax


Adèle Pham-Minh

Soprano sax


Esther Pamelard

Soprano sax


Louis Hognon

Alto sax


Maïa Messager

Alto sax


Corentin Bogunovic

Ténor sax


Mathis Vivant

Ténor sax


Iris Deléage

Barytone sax


Lucas Montana

Barytone sax


Olivier Massé

Basse sax

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