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With the aim of spreading chamber music and promoting young chamber music formations, the Ensemble Rayuela, together with the Provincial Council of Albacete and Excellency City Council of Albacete, announces this contest with the following rules.


This first edition is addressed to saxophone quartets and brass quintets. The average age of the group members must not exceed 30.

A candidate must not inscribe and participate simultaneously with different groups.



The competition consists in three different phases:



In the pre-selection a maximum of 8 groups will be chosen.

For the preselection the candidates will have to send a good quality recording (audio and video) up to 5 minutes.

The video recording must be realized in a single take, which must begin with the presentation of the group and the repertory performed. Montage and cuts of the video recording will not be accepted, under penalty exclusion from the competition. 



It will be an eliminatory round. Among the groups, four of them will be selected for the final round. 

The first round will start on March 11th 2023.



The final round will take place on March 12th 2023.

The performing order will be done by draw.




It’s not mandatory to perform whole works , single movements or excerpts from different works are accepted.  



Each group will perform a programme of their choice with a maximum duration of 20 minutes.

This may include part of the repertoire performed in the pre-selection video.



Each group will perform a different repertoire from the first round, for a maximum of 30 minutes, including a compulsory piece. The duration of this piece will be included in the 30 minutes of the performance.

Mandatory pieces for the final round: 

Saxophone quartet: Arkhé. Inés BADALO.

It will be sent to the candidates in PDF format.

Brass quintet: Oniwakamaru y la carpa gigante. Angela GALLEGO.  

Ed. SB Edicions.


No restrictions are imposed on the choice of repertory and the variety, artistic quality and difficulty of the repertory will be positively appreciated. The quality of arrangements, if any, will also be considered. 

The day of the competition each group will have to bring the original scores. 

Non-compliance with the duration of the performance will be penalized.



Each group must fill the registration form on the competition website. The preselection video must be attached through a link (Youtube, Drive, Vimeo…) in the online form. Each group must send the scores that they will perform during the three phases of the competition in pdf format.

Registration will be valid once the registration form has been filled in and the following documents have been sent to the following email address

  • ID of all participants

  • PDF with the scores of the three rounds


The name of the group and the name of each member must appear in the mail. 

The deadline for submitting pre-selection documentation is JANUARY 27th 2023.

The results will be announced by email and on the Rayuela Meeting website and the CIMC Albacete competition website on February 3rd 2023.  From this date, the selected groups will have SEVEN DAYS (UNTIL FEBRUARY 10th) to pay the REGISTRATION FEE of 60€ per group. 

Bank account for the payment of the registration fee :


Asociación Rayuela Sax

IBAN : ES7630350139701390043000

Proof of payment must be sent to the email address to finalize registration and confirm the participation at the competition.

The groups that have not been selected will be placed in a waiting list.



The competition will take place on March 11th and 12th 2023.

  1. The first round will take place on March 11th 2023. The order of passage will be announced to the competitors on 11 February 2023. 

  2. The final round will take place on March 12th 2023.


The prize-giving ceremony will take place at the closing concert of the Rayuela Meeting on March 12th 2023.

6.- JURY

The Jury nominated for this occasion will be constituted by a pre-selection jury and a competition jury composed of the Ensemble Rayuela, Vincent David, Isabel Urrutia, Sergio Finca and Tomás Jerez. The Jury 's decision will be final.



First prize: Diploma with 1.500 € and a concert in the 2024 edition of the festival Rayuela Meeting.

Second prize: Diploma with 1.000 €.

Third prize: Diploma with 500 €.


The contestants, by the mere simple fact of taking part in the Competition, accept each and every one of the terms and conditions of the same.

We reserve the right to record the performances and to edit the recording. The contestants give up their rights as performers, renouncing any subsequent claim, in the case that the mentioned recording is used for the diffusion of the contest and with no profit intention, in which case they will be asked for their agreement in order to show their approval with the technical and artistic result reached. 

Any point not outlined in these terms and conditions will be subject to the contestant's consent be resolved by the competition organization, which may delegate to the Jury. 


Any point not outlined in these Terms and Conditions or any doubt about the interpretation of the same will be resolved at the discretion of the organization.

The order of performance for the first round will be determined by a draw before the beginning of the competition. The order of performance will be announced on February 11th 2023 and the organization will prepare a plan/schedule that must be observed by the participating groups. Contestants who are not present at the time indicated by the Organization for the development of the competition without extraordinary and justifiable reasons that justifies it will be excluded.

The order of performance in the final round will be determined by a draw.

Contestants must provide the organization with 2 copies of the general score of the performed works in the two rounds of the competition at least one hour before each performance.

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